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Welcome to our website .
Our farm is located in South Miami Florida, where our birds can enjoy nice fresh air and tropical surroundings year round.We Specializing in hand-fed Congo African Greys. All our birds are hatched and hand-raised on our farm from two weeks until weaned which makes them exceptionally friendly, and very affectionate pets.. All birds for sale are in good and healthy condition.Our parent birds are housed in our aviary, in spacious, meticulously clean cages with full spectrum lighting, natural foliage, loads of toys and "rainforest music". When we decided to raise parrots, we committed ourselves to caring for our parent birds as well as we care for our much loved pets. Our nursery is an equally pleasant environment and our babies are accustomed to being gently cared for by our whole family.
We ship throughout the US and Puerto Rico.We will try to match anyone's legitimate prices.Payment in advanced is required on all shipped orders.Please insure to protect yourself and your merchandise.
I accept PayPal only .Items shipped to: Fl 7% Sales tax.Love Knows, No Age, Race, Colors or Creed. Our list changes daily. Email for more information or pictures. Se Habla Español.Thanks.